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Sand casting

Content: Sand casting

We love techniques which are simple and allow a wide range of creative applications. The centuries-old technique of sand casting is a very good example. With sand casting it is possible to reproduce filligree jewelry parts as well as big motor blocks for cars or ships. Every piece is casted in a lost mould: the prototype is pressed into a form filled with fine oiled sand, the impression is poured out with hot pewter, Sterling Silver, brass or bronze, the sand mould is burned and lost and has to be built up again to cast the next piece. The heavy quality look and feel of a sand casted piece with its grainy surface and raw rugged character is absolutely unique and inimitable.

This course includes:

  • Sandcasting basics: How to build up an one piece mold und a two piece mold
  • Creating a casting model and casting in pewter
  • Experimenting with historic tools to make a unique casting mold
  • Further processing of the casted object by sawing, filing and polishing

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