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Vintage Machine Embroidery: Chainstitching & Freemotion

Content: Vintage Machine Embroidery – Chainstitching & Freemotion

We love to use old embroidery machines to create new patches or customize garments. We have around 25 different chainstitching machines from 1890 to 1950 and a freemotion embroidery machine from 1950.

These old machines are operated freehand – the chainstitching machine is operated by guiding the needle with a crank handle along the drawing, for the free motion embroidery a stitching frame is moved by hand to create the motif. You can literally write and paint with theses machines. You know this „handwritten“ embroidered names from vintage racing suits, varsity jackets, bowling shirts or workwear of the era before 1970.

This course includes:

  • History of embroidery, Cornely, Singer, Schirmer & Blau, Lintz & Eckhart 
  • We show you our archive of original documents, specimens and parts of the biggest chainstitch embroidery factory in Germany - Lintz & Eckhart Berlin - established in 1877 closed in 1952.
  • Learning how to operate the chainstitch embroidery and freemotion embroidery machine
  • Free experimenting with the machines
  • Embroidering an individual project e.g. customizing a denim jacket or stitching a patch
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