Black sweatshirt with a white chenille embroidered crossed fingers on the back surrounded by free motion embroidered japanese letters meaning 877 Workshop.

The embroidery is stitched with a rare chain stitching machine from 1920 or a freemotion machine from 1950. Both machines are operated freehand by moving the fabric under the needle – we literally draw stitched lines on the fabric. These machines were used from 1845 to 1980 for customizing bowling shirts, varsity jackets, cheerleader sweaters or biker vests as well as for embroidering elaborate patterns on uniforms, gowns and draperies. In motorsports large advertising slogans were stitched on the back of the racing team’s overalls. Nowadays this work is done by computer operated embroidery machines. Our embroidery is unique with a charming handcrafted look and feel - a computer can’t produce this special look.

Cotton (machine wash 30 °C)

We manufacture your order in 7-10 workdays.

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